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Skoolbo is made by Inspirity Pte Ltd

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Singapore 2O9OO7

Technical Problems for Schools

Below are a few things that are helpful to check in the first instance:

Web Browser

If the issue is speed related, does the issue appear to be only impacting Skoolbo or is it impacting other websites? If other websites are impacted then please contact your Network Administrator. If it appears to be just Skoolbo, please try again 10 minutes later.

Skoolbo App

  • Please ensure you have the latest version of the Skoolbo app.
  • If you are having difficulties configuring the app please refer to School Network Guide.
  • Check to see if the web version is functioning correctly as this may help diagnose the issue and also provide you with an interim solution.

If you continue to face issues, please contact us at info@skoolbo.ca and we will try and provide further guidance.